Orbit Sentiment Analytics are the innovators of Big Data for finance. Our products analyse unstructured data and translate the results into quantified structured data which can be used by our subscribers to embed into their trading strategies in order to directly improve performance. We fully exploit Natural Language Processing (NLP) and cutting edge big data technologies to bring real time market sentiment to subscribers.


Our real time sentiment data accurately reflects the current market mood and forecasts market trends. We empower investors to make smarter decisions based on up to the minute and validated sentiment feeds

Ultra-low latency for timely decision making

Wide coverage: all major international markets including US, Europe, China

Higher return of investment: Buy / Sell at the optimum price

Financial  knowledgebase with highly customizable  intraday reporting

Instant event level data  mining to grasp accurate market sentiment

Cost effective plus UI  based end-to-end solution

  • Quantitative & Algo Trading
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Data Provider & Re-distributor
  • Consulting & Research

We will help you make smarter and more informed decisions

that will drive higher returns

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